July 2010



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Aug. 28th, 2008

Do you own a dog?

Then you will definitely want to read this story about Four Paws toys for dogs.

Dec. 5th, 2007

Untitled Rayne Drabbles 1-25

Untitled Rayne Drabbles

Fandom: Firefly
Pairing: Jayne Cobb / River Tam
Rating: M
Prompt Set: LJ 1sentence’s Epsilon
Prompts: 1-25

Author’s Note: I didn’t nab this pairing for the LJ 1sentence community – the set just seemed like a good way for me to begin practicing my River/Jayne. I’m not strictly following the idea of writing one sentence per prompt, though!

Rayne 1-25 )

First post!

Hooray for first post!

You may have known me as gehdra or funaga on Livejournal. LJ is rapidly becoming a place of emo fanboys and girls who overreact at every single little thing that 6A - and now SUP - do. So I decided to ditch it and come here instead :)

[Edit] Okay. I really don't feel I should need to explain or excuse my reasons for this. But here goes. )

[Edit 22 Jan '08]

Friends Only

I knew there was a great reason to have this journal Friends locked.

To all my friends without IJ accounts, I do genuinely apologise. I'll gladly add you if you make an IJ account.

To the person who pushed me to Friends Locking, cause I'm sure you might return one day... Guess what? I really don't care ^_^

So, whatever. You all know the drill...

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